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Strategic Ways to Discuss Past Employment

As a part of your job search in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you may go on multiple interviews to find an employer who thinks you are the right fit. Being prepared to answer common interview questions is the key to succeeding in your job search and convincing a company to hire you. One type of question you are likely to encounter will relate to past employment.

You may be asked many things about the job you had before, including what your work duties were, how you liked the work, and what skills you acquired on the job. Whenever you have to answer any interview questions about past employment, make sure you provide good answers which make you look like an appealing hire.  It is important to:

  • Always be positive. No matter what you are asked about why you are leaving your past position, don’t complain about the job. Always put a positive spin on the work you did, your relationship with your boss, and the corporate culture. While you shouldn’t lie in interviews, you should be prepared to discuss all of the things you liked about your job and about the ways it helped you to grow professionally. 
  • Emphasize specific achievements. Your employer may be asking about past work in order to determine the kinds of contributions you made. Show how you helped the company achieve success. The more specific you can be about accomplishments, the more likely it is that the employer will recognize your skills and believe they are transferable. For example, instead of just saying you were a good worker, explain how you helped to increase sales, streamline a process, or reduce customer complaints.
  • Focus on transferrable skills. When you discuss the work you did at your old job, be sure to emphasize the types of skills and abilities your new employer is looking for. Explain your work duties in such a way that you show you have strong experience in the field and will be able to bring your knowledge to your new place of employment.

When you are prepared to answer interview questions about your past work and other common queries you increase your chances of being hired for your dream job. Of course, you need to actually get the interview first. Our Dallas-Fort Worth staffing firm can help. High Profile Staffing has assisted many qualified candidates in finding new career opportunities. Give us a call at 972-991-7900 to learn more.