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Recruiter Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts

If you are working with a recruiter during your job search, make the most of this important relationship. Staffing professionals can help you find quality jobs that are a great fit with your skills and experience – but you need to build the right type of relationship so your recruiter can help you.

Knowing some basic rules of etiquette can go a long way toward helping you achieve success in your interactions with your recruiter. For example, some Do’s and Don’ts to remember include:

  • Do recognize the recruiter is the expert. Recruiters know what they’re doing, so let them take the lead.
  • Don’t go on interviews you aren’t interested in. If you aren’t interested in a particular opportunity, don’t waste anyone’s time and don’t think that feigning interest is a way to get in the recruiter’s good graces. Politely decline if you think a job is a bad fit.
  • Do convey your career goals in a clear and straightforward way. You need to give the recruiter the necessary information to help you discover what positions would be the best fit for you. Be honest and be very clear in communicating your goals.
  • Don’t lose your composure if things don’t go your way. You want to maintain an ongoing professional relationship. If you’re turned down for a job you were hoping for, or if you have any setbacks during the job search, it is important not to let your emotions get the best of you. Responding graciously and looking out for the next best opportunity is a far better way to impress a recruiter than reacting badly to disappointment.

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