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Hiring a Team With Skills that Balance

When hiring job candidates, it is important not just to consider whether the applicant can do the work or not. The applicant is going to be joining an existing team, and you want to create a diverse team that has skills that balance so employees can complement and work together rather than falling into destructive competition. A staffing agency can help you find candidates with a wide range of different soft skills and hard skills who can make up your team, but you need to make sure you are prioritizing balance with your new hires.

To help build a strong team of workers who are going to thrive on working together, keep these suggestions in mind:  

  • Consider personality traits and soft skills. When you interview candidates, pay attention to their personality traits and type.  Consider how they will fit into your existing corporate culture. Are they more abrasive while the rest of your team is cooperative? Is the new candidate too mild-mannered to stand up to team members and make his voice heard? You want someone whose personality will complement the existing personalities of people on your staff, so be sure to consider how the candidate will work with others. You can even ask the potential candidate about his ideal work environment to get more insight into what role he’ll take on your team.
  • Involve multiple team members in the interviewing process. When possible, have potential job candidates meet with their future co-workers and get input from those who they will be working alongside. If team members give their seal of approval, and you hire someone they like and feel they can work with, your staff is more likely to collaborate successfully.
  • Focus on diversity. The more people with different life experiences you bring into your business, the greater the innovation and the more new ideas will be generated.  Look for people from different races, religions, genders, national origins, and backgrounds.  Put together a diverse team so staff will learn to work with all different types of personalities.

Finding the right team members is made easier by working with an experienced staffing agency.  

High Profile Staffing has a long track record of successfully placing qualified candidates in positions that are right for them. Our trusted staffing company can help you find great people to build your team, so give us a call today at 972-991-7900, or contact us online now to get started.