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Allowing LinkedIn Regularly in the Workplace

Social media is a sensitive topic, especially when employees are using it during the workday. There are some companies that ban social media altogether at work, but others do not. There are pros and cons to each viewpoint, and it’s important to do what’s right for your company. This post discusses the thoughts around allowing LinkedIn regularly in the workplace.

Let’s start with the objections to using social media in general at work. Many employers feel that employees’ job performance will decrease with distractions such as social media. LinkedIn is a different type of social media as it is used for professional connections and industry news. Some employers are concerned that employees will spend their time looking for a new job, but that isn’t always the case.

Having your employees on LinkedIn is a great way to build company loyalty and employee engagement. The number one reason you should want your employees to use LinkedIn is the increased visibility for your brand. For example, when an employee shares an update that your company posts, that story becomes visible to their contacts. So people who may have never heard of your brand (other than knowing an acquaintance works there) now have access to content you are posting.

Another reason to allow LinkedIn in the workplace is to boost the morale of employees. By blocking them from the site at work, you give the impression that you don’t trust them. Instead, encourage your employees to join LinkedIn and connect with one another. Not only will they stay up-to-date with co-worker and company news, they have the chance to read industry news as well. LinkedIn is known for being informational, and who wouldn’t want their employees to have more knowledge? Another way to boost morale via LinkedIn is to praise employees through the site with endorsements or recommendations. It’s a great way for managers to show their employees they are paying attention to their work.

These reasons are just some of many for allowing employees to use LinkedIn in the workplace. If you’re ready to get your organization on board, contact one of our expert Recruiters today. We can help you start off on the right foot!