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What Millennials Are Looking for in the Workforce

Hiring millennials is becoming essential for companies that want to bring skilled workers onto their staff. Millennials, however, are different from the generations that came before. Their ideas of work are different, they have varying priorities for their jobs and they are looking for fulfillment in different ways.

If you want to attract top millennial talent to your organization, it is important to understand what millennials actually want from their jobs. Business Insider offers some insight. For example, millennials:

  • Rank work/life balance as a very high priority. A good work/life balance is one of the most important things millennials look for when they are considering a job. If you want your company to be attractive to millennials, the focus on flexibility is good news because it means you can offer things like flextime, which will make them happy without costing your company added money.
  • Are looking for leadership opportunities. Millennials want to make a difference and feel as if their voices are being heard. Many strive to be leaders in their professional life and to have some control over their own destinies. By providing paths to promotion and allowing some autonomy, you can foster talent and encourage millennials to be great contributing members of your organization. Giving millennials the chance to take a creative role in solving problems could also help your company foster innovation.
  • Want a sense of meaning from their work. While millennials want to make a good living, they also want the work they are doing to matter. Helping millennials see how their contributions help improve your organization can be very important in encouraging them to stay focused on doing their jobs well. Millennials who know their contributions are making a difference are far more likely to be engaged and excited to work for your business.

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