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How Employers View Your Online Degree

Getting a degree online is really convenient, and can cost less than getting a degree from a traditional brick and mortar institution. You may be able to get a degree online in programs not available in your local schools, and you may be able to obtain a degree in your spare time when work or family might otherwise make going to school impossible.

Once you have invested the time and money to get your online degree, however, one key question remains: is your online degree going to be useful to you? US News and World Report recently published an article addressing this issue. Based on the research reviewed by US News and World Report:

  • Employers are increasingly accepting of online degrees: In years past, employers tended to consider online degrees as inferior to traditional degrees. Research from Cleveland State University in 2009, for example, found negative perceptions of degrees earned on the Internet. However, as online degrees have become more popular and more universities have begun offering online programs, most employers no longer consider a degree earned over the Internet to be less desirable.
  • Some employers find online degrees to be an advantage: Many people earn online degrees when juggling jobs and other commitments. Showing your employer that you can multi-task to get an education can make you a more attractive candidate.
  • Employers care more about your grades and your major: As online degrees have come to be accepted by most employers, the focus has shifted not so much to where the degrees were earned, but to what your major is and whether you performed above par in your classes.

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