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Red Flags to Look Out For in the Interview

When interviewing a candidate, it is imperative you’re on the lookout for red flags that suggest the person might not be the right fit for the position. You don’t want to waste time hiring someone who won’t work out, so be sure to watch for these signs that a candidate is someone you should pass over:

  • Showing up late for the interview. A candidate who can’t be bothered to show up on time isn’t taking the job seriously and is not likely to be reliable once hired. Punctuality should be a deal-breaker except in very rare circumstances where it was clear that a late arrival was caused by something beyond the applicant’s control.
  • Not asking any questions about the job. Someone who is excited about a job and wants to succeed will have questions about the position and about the company. You should give candidates time to raise queries. If they don’t, it may mean they didn’t research the job, aren’t passionate about getting hired, and probably won’t be very motivated if you bring them on board.
  • Complaining about past positions. While there’s always a chance the candidate’s work situation was truly bad, it is equally likely the complaining candidate was the problem. Plus, most professionals know not to bad-mouth their current or past employer to others, so this type of unprofessional behavior should be disqualifying.
  • Failing to be polite to everyone in the office. You want someone who will be a team player and help improve your company culture. If a candidate isn’t polite to everyone from the security guard who opens the door to the receptionist who greets them, they are not going to be a positive addition to your organization.

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