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Five Strategies to Stand Out From the Competition

Whether you’re an administrative assistant, a skilled technician or a healthcare worker, you are up against some stiff employment competition. When employers post a job opening, their inboxes are immediately flooded with applications. When they bring in the pick of the litter to interview, you have to find a way to stand out even more. And if you’re hired, you have to make a good impression on everyone, managers and coworkers alike, especially if you’re a contract employee or a temp-to-hire worker.

No matter what stage of the hiring process, you’ve got competition. How can you rise above the rest?

Strategy #1: Impress with Your Cover Letter

Let your cover letter be the place where you connect your values and goals to the company’s mission. Show your excitement not by saying you’re excited, but by explaining what about this position gets you excited. Highlight the experience and skills you have that can solve one of their current struggles or challenges.

Strategy #2: Nail the Interview

The first time you really get to shine with a new employer happens during the interview. The hiring team’s main purpose is to see if you’re a good fit for the job, and by doing just a little research beforehand you can show them that you are. Ask questions that show you have some knowledge about the company and that you are aware of current events in their industry.

Strategy #3: Make a Strong First Impression

A good first impression is one of the best ways to turn a temporary job into permanent employment. Be on time and work full days, even if that means you have to sweep up, make copies or do something for another department. Most importantly, have a good attitude the minute you arrive.

Strategy #4: Be Solid From the Start

If you want to be an essential employee, you’ve got to show that you are the person to go to when things need to get done. Take initiative, especially when you see an area that could use an extra hand to boost productivity. When tight deadlines pop up, offer to help. Be consistently reliable, dependable and eager.

Strategy #5: Be a Part of the Team

Being involved with the company and your coworkers shows that you are invested in this position. It also lets upper management see that you are a team player, which is especially important if you’re a contingent worker looking for a permanent spot. Get involved on committees and socialize with other employees when it’s appropriate. Collaborate with other departments when the opportunity presents itself.

Has this ever been you: You found the perfect position, submitted your resume and haven’t heard anything for weeks? As a candidate, you have more than the minimum qualifications, but aren’t overqualified for the job. You have the education, the certifications and the experience.   So, why no response?

It’s because you’re not alone.

If you need help standing out from the competition, talk with one of the experienced recruiters at High Profile Staffing. We can help you take a critical look at your job-seeking strategy, and together develop one that can help you step out from the crowd. Contact us today!