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From Temp to Perm

Let’s face it: Temporary workers, or “temps”, are not always treated with the utmost respect.

Sometimes, bosses and colleagues don’t even bother to learn their names. Then there are movies like “The Temp” and “Obsessed” that betray temporary workers as a little, shall we say, unhinged.

Truth be told, temps play a key role in the American workforce, filling in when permanent employees have to take a leave of absence or when seasonal demands require the hiring of additional help. Without temporary workers, many businesses would have a much harder time meeting their staffing demands.

Whether you come to temping out of necessity – if you find yourself out of work, for example – or if it’s simply your preference to have a lot of variety in where you work, there will inevitably come a day when you wonder whether a permanent position is more appropriate for you. Fortunately, you may not even need to look elsewhere, as there are often opportunities to parlay a temporary assignment into a more traditional job. Here are some tips for making the switch:

1)      Temp at Your Employer of Choice: If there is a specific employer that you have been eyeing, seek temporary opportunities there. Joining the company in a temporary capacity will help you build the necessary skills for a long-term career. You will also gain valuable insights into the company’s culture and hierarchical structure. And when an opening arises, you will be top of mind.

2)      Take Your Assignment Seriously: If you think about it, a temporary position is really just one long job interview. An employer benefits greatly by bringing a temp onboard full-time because they have already seen them in action. It’s incumbent upon you, therefore, to conduct yourself as if you are already a permanent staff member. Be punctual, dress for success, and always do your best.

3)      Convey Your Interest: It may sound obvious, but it’s important to make it known that you would be interested in joining the company in a more permanent capacity. Unless you open your mouth, they have no way of knowing you wouldn’t prefer to simply move on to another assignment. And wouldn’t you hate to be sent packing only to have someone else take your place – when it could have been you?

4)      Become Indispensable: Show your employer you are the kind of worker they simply can’t do without. Work extra hard and take on extra duties. Make sure your boss is aware of the many skills you possess and continue developing yourself while working as a temp. Seek out a mentor and gain valuable insight from your colleagues. When the time comes, you just might find yourself with an offer to join the company.

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