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Have You Fallen Out of Love With Your Job? 

No one loves their job at every single moment. But if you find yourself hating it most of the time, it’s important to self-reflect and ask yourself an important question: have you fallen out of love with your job?  

Let’s take a look at some of the common signs that it’s time to quit and move on to bigger and better things.  

You Dread Going to Your Job 

While everyone might dread a big presentation or a challenging project, there’s a big difference between nervousness and outright dread every single day of the week. No one should dread going into the office day in and day out. If you find yourself getting anxious and upset every morning upon going to work, it’s time to find something that’s a better fit.  

There’s No Room to Advance 

When was the last time you were given a raise, or an opportunity to rise in the ranks? If you’ve been stagnant in your position for a while, it might be a sign that it’s time to leave. Every job should give the employee a chance to add to their value and advance their career. If you don’t see that, it might be time to search elsewhere.  

You’re Always Out of the Loop 

Do you find that you’re always the last to hear about a major project or development? Does it seem like the rest of your team is having meetings without you? This could be a sign that your leadership doesn’t value your input and just sees you as body filling a seat. That’s not fair to you — it’s probably time to move on to something better.  

You’ve Stopped Caring About Your Work 

How do you actually feel about the work you’re doing? Do you feel that it’s contributing to the overall goals of the company, or bettering the lives of others in general? If you don’t, you may have lost your passion. Simply going through the motions and checking items off a list every day is a sign that you’ve fallen out of love with what you do. Consider sparking things up with a new position, or even exploring a new field.  

Your Health and Happiness is Suffering 

Stress at work can lead to very real health impacts, such as headaches, insomnia, depression, and more. And it can impact your personal life and your relationships with friends and family. If you’ve noticed these changes, it’s time to quit or take a leave of absence. No job is worth your health!   

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