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Help Your Team Set SMART Goals in 2021

As the end of the year approaches, you’re probably taking stock of things and starting to set goals for next year. It’s also important that you help your team members set goals for themselves as we enter 2021. But all goals aren’t created equal. That’s why it’s a good idea to use the SMART system when setting goals for yourself, and when encouraging your team members to set their own.  

SMART goals are:  


Vague goals are too hard to achieve. They’re likely to be forgotten about before they’re even started on. Specific goals are much better. Rather than saying “I’ll improve my output this year,” say, “I’ll use my experience with this computer language and focus on projects that need it. This will allow me to boost my output in that area.” The more specific you can be with the goal, the easier it is to conceptualize it and get started.  


A goal that’s immeasurable is too vast, too ambiguous. Setting a goal that’s measurable, on the other hand, allows you to have benchmarks along the way. Then, you can see if you’re living up to the goal you set for yourself or if you need to ramp up your efforts. That’s a huge boost in the motivation department if nothing else. And a measurable goal is something you can show your boss, or even hiring managers down the road if you look for a new position.  


Don’t set a goal that isn’t achievable. It sounds obvious, but many people make the mistake of setting a goal that is actually their supervisor’s goal, for example, or something that just isn’t within the scope of their position. Then, that goal is unachievable, and the individual just gets discouraged when they can’t reach it. Take the time to make sure you, and only you, can achieve the goal you set. 


It’s wise to set a goal that’s realistic. If you make it too lofty, it will only end in disappointment. Start small and build up from there. And be honest with yourself about what you’ll be able to achieve with the framework and restrictions you might have.  


What good is a goal if it isn’t a timely one? That doesn’t mean that you have to set a goal that’s achieved quickly — there’s nothing wrong with long-term goals. Just make sure that the timeline you’re setting for yourself is realistic, and that achieving the goal is something that matters when it happens.  

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