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High Profile Staffing and Girls Inc. of Metropolitan Dallas Make a Great Team

High Profile Staffing is proud to have such a deep relationship with community outreach programs like Girls Inc.

As many of you may already know, High Profile Staffing really enjoys connecting with our local community. One of the ways that we have reached out to our community is through “Good Works!”, an outreach program that mobilizes our staff, involves our clients and publicly commits  funds to deserving local charities. We truly enjoy working with people to give back and are proud to dedicate time and resources to “Good Works!”

We have been able to help dozens of charities over the years and have become close to several of them. Girls Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides a safe after school program for girls between the age of 6-18 , happens to be one of our favorites!

Recently, High Profile Staffing teamed up with Girls Inc. and The Nasher Sculpture Center of Dallas, to participate in a four-week,  hands-on work shop for about twenty-four Girls Inc. participants from the Love Field and West Dallas campuses.. At the first session, the girls learned how to justify their reasons behind their opinions about art. With their JUSTIFY hats on, they viewed art and  learned how to explain their thoughts in  detail.

During the second session,  the girls learned how to group similar items together to create a category of interest. We walked through the museum and took notes of the artwork displayed in categories. The girls were then asked to create their own mini-museum using construction paper and moldable clay to create statues. They had a great time and gained some valuable insight into the world of art.

At the third session, the girls had an opportunity to learn how to Compare and Contrast! Below is a picture of the girls wearing their “Compare” hats. The curator took the girls out to the “lawn”, where they viewed several large pieces of art, including Tending Blue- a piece created by James Turrell. It is a true experience!  The next time you’re there, be sure to check it out.

High Profile Staffing Good Works
Great looking art!

We always enjoy spending time with Girls Inc., and we’re excited to participate in any events we can. Lori Palmer, CEO of Girls Inc. said, “We are so excited to have an organization like High Profile involved with us! We deeply appreciate both their fundraising support and assistance as volunteers with our girls. High Profile has made a real difference in the lives of these young people.”

For more information and to get involved, check out High Profile Staffing. Also, check us out on Twitter and Facebook.