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How to Make a Contract Worker Feel Welcome

As we’ve discussed before, contract workers are a great addition to any company. They are able to pick up the extra work during busy seasons, and keep permanent employees from feeling overwhelmed. Unfortunately, not all contract workers feel “at home” in their positions. Happy workers are engaged workers who tend to be more productive. Since we all want our companies to be productive, it’s important to help contract workers feel comfortable and engaged.  This post will discuss how to make a contract worker feel welcome.

Have an onboarding process set for when you hire new contract workers. It will help create a seamless transition into your organization. As the manager, make yourself available to answer any questions they may have. It’s important for contract workers to feel comfortable right off the bat.

Show the contract workers that they are valued. These workers are there to do a specific job, and tend to stay out of office politics. Take the time to show contract workers how their work contributes to the overall success of an organization. Employees like to feel valued, so show contracts workers that they truly are.

Treat them like they’re employees. Give feedback and performance reviews just as you would with your permanent employees. If you’re pleased with their work, reward them. Incentives work well with all employees. Don’t make contract workers feel like they are outsiders within your organization. Treat them with the same respect you would show to your permanent employees.

Involve contract workers in team building activities. Most likely, contract workers will interact with the rest of your workforce. Make sure they are part of any team building exercises with permanent employees, as it will help build trust and rapport. Plus, this shows the contract workers that you care about your relationship with them. It’s also another way to show they’re valued.

Interested in more tips on how to make contract workers feel welcome? Contact one of our expert recruiters for more information. We are full of excellent strategies to help your organization better manage its workforce. Plus, we have even more tips on working with contract employees. Don’t wait, contact us today!