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Does Your Online Reputation Attract Candidates

Just as you are searching for candidates and learning about them via the Internet, candidates are doing the same thing with your company. Online reputation is important when it comes to getting the best talent, and your company’s online presence can either attract or deter potential candidates. This post is designed to help you determine if your online reputation attracts candidates.

Assess the career portion of your website and see if it’s truly attention grabbing. If your Careers page is boring, candidates will think your company is boring too.  This section of your website should contain more than a list of job openings. Focus on the great aspects of working for your company, and highlight the corporate culture. Many job seekers today are looking for an optimal work-life balance, so if this is something your company offers, highlight the details. Employee testimonials are also great to add to this page.  Share real stories of employees and why they enjoy working for your company.

If you aren’t utilizing social networks to attract candidates, it’s time to do so immediately. Candidates are using social media platforms like LinkedIn to follow companies and meet others in their desired industries. For example, your company could create a company page on LinkedIn, and populate it with exciting content. This content could be employee testimonials (just like on your website), success stories with clients, or fun office events. You want to show potential employees that your company is human, so it’s crucial to connect on an emotional level.

Another way to boost your online presence and reputation is to maintain a company blog. Blogs are a great way to keep people informed on what’s going on within the company. The blog should go past news stories, and really dig deep into the corporate culture. Did your office recently participate in a charity event? Write about why you chose that event, what it was like, and post pictures to go with the blog. Candidates want to be able to picture themselves working at your company before they even apply.

Having a positive online presence will attract top talent. For other tips on managing your online reputation, contact one of our recruiters today.