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Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Discount Active Job Seekers

High turnover can not only cost your company productivity, it can cost you profits as well. You may not think you have staffing issues with retention, but unless you’re in the minds of your employees, you can never be too sure. That’s why it’s important to engage with active job seekers.

Studies have shown that, for many active job seekers, it’s not all about the paycheck. These employees are looking for a company where they can be proud of their jobs, are challenged to achieve more and play an essential role in an engaging workplace. Some employers discount active job seekers because they see their search as a red flag. Why are they leaving? How long will it take before they want to leave this job? However, in many situations, hiring an active job seeker is far from risky business.

3 Reasons to Hire Active Job Seekers

Different experiences and perspectives

Some active job seekers may not be overflowing with experience in your specific industry, but that doesn’t mean they are completely unqualified. They just might be the fresh perspective you’ve been waiting for. For example, a candidate that has spent years in hospitality and tourism just might be the perfect person to help you strengthen your current and prospective client relationships.

Want to commit to you

You get a resume from a candidate who has been working in temporary positions for a while. As an employer, this may constitute a risk, but it is also an opportunity. An active job seeker with experience as a temporary employee might have perspectives about the industry you haven’t considered. They are coming to you because they see something in your company that makes them want to commit to the long term.

Immediate start dates

Active job seekers are often ready to work in both permanent and contract positions right away. Many of them are available during all cycles of recruitment, including coming on board at the end of the year, when you might need to meet higher customer demands. They are available during the slower months when business creeps along but vacation requests pick up. When business picks up, active job seekers can come on board right away, making sure you don’t experience workflow obstacles.

When posting a job opening, hiring managers will see many unqualified resumes. When a qualified active job seeker comes on your radar, don’t discredit him or her. That person may be exactly who you need to boost your bottom line. In other cases, partnering with the right staffing agency can help you find a great candidate in less time. High Profile Staffing is a strong and reliable staffing resource.  Contact us today and find your next best employee.