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Interview Questions to Ask to Learn About Teamwork Skills

For many companies involved in the hiring process, one of the most important qualifications they look for in job candidates is good teamwork skills. Employees who can be part of a team tend to be much more productive and often fit in better in a business environment. Looking for a team player can help maximize the chances of finding a successful addition to your staff – but the question is: How can you tell if someone is going to be good in a group?

Asking the right interview questions can shed a lot of light on a candidate’s teamwork skills. Consider asking these questions at your next interview to find out if a candidate will be a good addition to your current team:

  • Describe a past project you worked on with a team. Pay attention to the details of the project and whether the employee has a ready answer. You should also focus on how the employee describes his own role and contributions to the team. Does the employee discuss how everyone contributed, or is he only focused on showing off? You want someone who is a strong leader on a team, but won’t take over or fail to recognize the achievements of other team members.
  • Tell me about a teamwork experience you found rewarding. The employee should immediately be able to recall a favorable experience working on a team. If they struggle to find something positive to say about a past teamwork experience, this can be a red flag. Listen for specifics about why they enjoyed the experience they had.
  • Why do you consider yourself a team player? Can the employee give specific examples of his past successes working with others or do they answer in vague and generic terms. The more concrete the example, the better the chances you’ve found a person who will work well on a team.

These interview questions will help you determine if a candidate has strong teamwork skills; however, you need to make sure that candidates with the desired abilities come through your door during the hiring process. High Profile can help companies in Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding areas find great candidates who will be strong team players. Give us a call at 972-991-7900 or contact us online to learn more about the assistance that we can offer.