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Hiring Secrets For a Successful Business

Happy employees make a happy business

Have you ever hired someone who you thought would be a perfect addition to your business, only to see them go a few months later because they were not fitting in? Sadly, many business owners, managers and entrepreneurs see this happening on a frequent basis. The truth is that, while many of them think that the people they hired (and then fired) were simply not good for the company, there is often a lot more to it than that.

A recently published article in Recruiting Trends Journal outlined 8 hiring secrets from some of the most successful entrepreneurs in America. Here are some of the most important points and how High Profile Staffing works hard to surpass those expectations:

  • Hire people with different skill sets. While you may be tempted to hire people that have the same skill set, work habits and viewpoint as you, successful businesses are made up of people with varying skill levels and diversified talents that they can bring to the table. Recruiters at High Profile Staffing form relationships not only with the clients that they work with, but with prospective employees, so that each can meet the others’ needs.
  • Look beyond the skills. Still, skill set is not enough. In fact, before you look at what they can do as employees, get to know their character. Make sure they have a positive attitude, solid values and a good work ethic. Also look for people who are entrepreneurs at heart, people who have a passion for their job and for doing it well. Finally, it may go unnoticed in many companies, but don’t let it go unnoticed on yours: hire people who are nice. Knowing what you’re doing does your business no good if they are unpleasant.
  • Don’t be intimidated by smarter, better people. Don’t be afraid to admit you’re not as smart or as business-savvy as the guy you just hired. The fact is that those you hire are likely to relate to, recommend or ever hire people like them. And the more smart, business-savvy people you have working for you, the more successful your company is bound to be.
  • Hire those who are strong where you are weak. People who are strong in the areas where you are weakest can bring a balance to your organization that may be the welcomed change you were seeking and can add valuable insights where you are lacking, which promotes teamwork and a high morale.
  • Hire part-timers. Sometimes employers focus so much in hiring full-time employees that they overlook the potential benefits of having part-time help as well. In fact, depending on your business needs, it may be more beneficial for you to hire part-time helpers rather than full-time workers. It can help you save time and money.


High Profile Can Help You Succeed

High Profile Staffing helps you fill your business hiring needs by keeping up with the latest Dallas recruiting trends, so you don’t have to. Whether looking for administrative, human resources or accounting expert, we at High Profile Staffing carefully screen and select applicants so that we can pair you up with the ideal candidates who will fit your needs. We are dedicated to excellence from start to finish, and committed to professionalism, excellence and respect in all areas of the hiring process.

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