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How Are Local Dallas Companies Choosing to Address COVID Screening?

For nearly two full years, we’ve been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and the wide-sweeping impact on jobs, hiring, and employment in general. High Profile’s 2022 report on companies’ return-to-work policies, COVID screening and prevention procedures, and other market information gives us insight into what companies around the Dallas area are doing now that we’ve dealt with the crisis for so long.  

When it comes to COVID screening, there are various options that companies can choose from.

So, how are Dallas companies approaching the screening process now that more employees are returning to work?  

COVID Screening for On-Site Employees 

Most surveyed companies around Dallas have some type of screening procedure in place. The breakdown looks like this:  

  • 60% – Self-reporting (tracking one’s symptoms and reporting to management if necessary) 
  • 21% – System or software (Daily Google Form, questionnaire, on-site temperature taking, etc.) 
  • 13% – No screening process implemented 

The remaining 6% of survey respondents fall into the “other entries” category. This includes things like full vaccination or self-test reporting twice a week, masks required at all times, employees signing at attestation that they’ve been vaccinated, or self-assessment required once per week. 

Companies Requiring Vaccination 

High Profile’s survey posed this question to companies around the Dallas area: “Is your company requiring the COVID-19 vaccination for all employees?” The results are as follows: 

  • 47% – No 
  • 44% – Not at this time 
  • 9% – Yes 

Companies Offering Incentives for Vaccination 

We posed this question to Dallas companies: “Is your company offering incentives for getting the vaccine?” The results are: 

  • 71% – No 
  • 22% – Yes 
  • 7% – I don’t know 

Looking To The FutureGet the Survey Results Here

What can we learn from High Profile’s The Future of Work survey? Most companies in the area are relying on self-reporting when it comes to COVID screening, and most are not requiring vaccination or aren’t requiring it at this time. Additionally, most companies aren’t offering incentives for vaccination right now. As we’ve learned throughout the pandemic, how these trends affect the job market moving forward remains to be seen. As we continue to learn and adapt, it’s safe to say that companies will continue to do what’s best for their business and their employees’ health and wellness. 

If you would like to view the data from High Profile’s The Future of Work survey, click here to download the survey results.  

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