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How Can You Use Your Admin Job for a Promotion?

If you have been in your admin job for a while, it may be time to start planning for a promotion. This requires determining which skills, experience, and qualifications you need to advance.

Moving up in the organization takes time and effort. The following tips can help with your progress.

Follow these guidelines to use your admin job to earn a promotion.

Develop Your Skill Set

Ensure you have the required skills for a senior role. These include report writing, public speaking, office management, and employee supervisory responsibility.

Identify specific examples of how you displayed these and other job-related skills. If you need to develop your skills in certain areas, find relevant organizational opportunities. This may involve taking on stretch assignments or cross-training in another department.

Emphasize Your Transferrable Skills

Point out how your admin knowledge, skills, and experience can benefit the job you want. Include how your personality traits make you well-equipped for the role.

For instance, assume you want to move to a customer support position that requires speed to resolve issues and empathy to fill customers’ needs. You can list experiences in your admin role that demonstrate speed and empathy.

For instance, you may have organized a meeting for your manager and seven others in one day. Or, you might have used empathy when dealing with your department’s sales professionals at month-end.

Work Beyond Your Job Description

Look again at the job duties and responsibilities required for your position. Then, work with your manager to take on additional responsibility, develop new skills, and promote growth and development. Work to attain these performance objectives to show you are equipped for a promotion.

Document the additional value you provide as you fulfill these performance objectives. For instance, mention any ways you saved the company time or money. Also, demonstrate how you showed initiative when solving problems. Additionally, mention any business courses taken or volunteer opportunities filled on behalf of the company. Use your accomplishments to show you deserve a promotion.

Help Coworkers

Use your admin skills to help coworkers out of challenging situations. For instance, you may help straighten out a project a coworker is struggling with. You might even gain new experience in the process.

Your coworkers will appreciate your help and want to return the favor. They may provide recommendations to help you receive a promotion.

Involve Your Network

Let your professional connections know you desire a promotion. Be sure to clarify what you are looking for.

Talk with the high-level professionals who are involved in making decisions about promotions. They may be able to help you land the job you desire.

Ready for a Promotion?

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