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How Flexible Are You as An Employer?

The pandemic certainly changed a lot of things about our world. One of them is the shift toward flexible working arrangements, including remote work and hybrid work (a combination of remote and in-office work). These days, employees don’t just see flexibility as a perk. They demand it as a core component of the job.  

High Profile’s The Future of Work survey gives us more insight into this topic. Read on to find out what we’ve learned.  

What arrangements are employers currently offering? 

Our survey participants were asked, “What is the current working situation at your company?” The answers were as follows: 

  • 49%: Hybrid setup, with some employees working in-office and some working from home 
  • 35.5%: In-office, with all employees on-site at all times 
  • 15.5%: Completely remote, with all employees working from home at all times 

The same employees were asked if the working situation at their company (hybrid, in-office, or remote) was a company-wide policy or just a department-wide one. 67% of respondents said the working situation at their place of employment was company-wide and applied to all employees. The remaining 33% said that the company is allowing each department to choose their own working situation. 

Do companies plan to have employees return to the office? 

When participants in the completely remote category were asked if their company had any return-to-office plans, the results were as follows: 

  • 72%: Yes 
  • 14%: No 
  • 14%: Unsure 

So, most companies in our survey who are currently fully remote have some plans for returning to the office, even if that return takes a hybrid approach. The lesson? Hybrid work is here to stay for most companies. 

Look to The Future of Work With Us 

Check out High Profile’s The Future of Work survey for more insights. And if you’re looking for help hiring the most qualified candidates out there, we can help. Get in touch with High Profile by contacting us online or calling 972-991-7900.  

If you would like to view the data from High Profile’s The Future of Work survey, click here to download the survey results.  

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