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How to Attract Career-Minded Candidates in the World of Accounting

Is your accounting company on the search for new hires? You don’t want to bring on just anyone. Finding career-minded candidates who will commit to your organization and demonstrate a willingness to learn and grow is always the best idea. This improves your company culture and reduces turnover. So, how can you attract career-minded accounting professionals?

Attract Accounting Candidates With These Tips:

Promote your learning-centered culture.

Career-minded candidates aren’t just in it for the paycheck. They want to grow their skills, learn more, and excel in their career. Showcase your company’s learning-centered culture to attract these individuals. Do you offer job shadowing? Cross-training programs? Continuing education programs? When individuals know that these learning opportunities exist, it will entice them to join your team.

Show clear paths for growth.

Career-minded candidates want to learn continuously, and they also want to use that knowledge to advance in their careers. If they don’t see a path for growth with your company, they won’t see much of a reason to stay. Make it clear that your organization is committed to promoting from within whenever possible, and climbing the ladder is not only possible but encouraged.

Don’t be shy about the benefits.

Remember: for truly career-focused job candidates, salary is only one piece of the full puzzle. While salary is important, benefits are equally so. Don’t be shy about what you’re offering to qualified candidates. This goes beyond the normal benefits package with a retirement plan, health insurance, and stock options — make it clear to candidates that you’re committed to a healthy work-life balance, that you support flexible schedules, and promote any other perks that you may offer.

Make your company’s mission clear.

Today, candidates don’t want to work for whatever company comes their way. Job seekers — especially millennials — want to work for a company with a mission. And it needs to be a mission they align with. Make it clear from the outset in your job postings and company language that your entire team is committed to a singular mission. Candidates who align with those values will come; it’s just a matter of time.

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