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How to Bring Up Salary on a Job Interview

Let’s face it, searching for a job is not easy. There are some days when you feel great, like you’re on top of the world and you know the job of your dreams is about to land in your lap. But then there are other days, a lot of other days, where you feel like you’re up to your shoulders in sludge and you may never get out. Job searching is an emotional rollercoaster no matter how you look at it. What makes job searching even trickier is the thought of bringing up salary in an interview. So many people give the advice of not saying a thing and waiting until the interviewer brings it up, but how many have tried this technique and have been extremely disappointed when the offer was made? Our associates at High Profile have created this post to help you bring up the sensitive topic of salary on a job interview.

Prior to the interview, research your value. Know what you are worth in your position in your industry. There are plenty of sites out there to help you gain insight on realistic salary ranges including Salary, Glassdoor, and PayScale. Make sure you research various benefits as well and know what they cost in your area. This is beneficial when it comes to negotiating your offer.

Don’t let salary be the first question you ask. Don’t even let it be a question at all in your first interview. Wait until you know you are a top candidate and the potential employer plans to bring you back in for an interview. A good time to ask is when they call or email you to invite you back for an interview. Ask them whether or not it’s a good time, or if the person you are speaking with is the right person, for a salary-synch-up conversation. They may ask you what you are currently making, so let them know that you are looking for careers in the comparable salary range, and if the role fits this range then a second interview makes sense. This avoids any unnecessary interviews, and wasted time, for you and the organization.

Salary negotiation shouldn’t be a constant back and forth. It’s normal to have an honest conversation, but if you feel like they are leading you on and trying to lowball you too much, it’s time to move on. Remember, they need to value your worth now or they never will.

When you know what you are worth, bringing up salary on an interview will not seem terrifying.  It’s crucial that you know what you bring to the table and what you want out of a career.  The more confidence you have, the easier the process will be. For more strategies on talking about salary during your job interview, contact us!