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How to Climb the Ladder to Executive Assistant

If you’re an administrative assistant, one of the next rungs on the ladder is that of executive assistant. The two positions share many similarities, but the executive assistant typically takes a more hands-on role in the tasks and needs of a particular individual. And with that comes a lot of added responsibility, and — in some cases — much more pressure. 

Ready to climb the ladder to become an executive assistant? Here’s how to get there.  

Work on Your Communication Skills 

At the end of the day, an executive assistant’s job boils down to excellent communication. The best executive assistants have the best communication skills. That’s because so much of the job involves interpersonal communication, both with the executive themselves and many other people — employees, vendors, business partners, potential clients, buyers, etc. So, work on those soft skills like clear communication to put yourself in the best position possible to transition into executive assistant work.  

Broaden Your Skillset 

Those who stop learningstop growing. Never stop trying to broaden your skillset and learn more and more — that’s what makes you valuable. On any given day, your work as an executive assistant might require you to create spreadsheets, perform market research, analyze a report, set up a filing system, or run a conference call, to name a few. Make sure you’re prepared for these possibilities by brushing up on computer skills, market research, or other areas that apply to the particular executive assistant role that you’re vying for.  

Be Flexible 

When you work as an executive assistant, you just never know what might get thrown your way next. You can go from working on a mundane spreadsheet entry project to putting together a meeting of company heads in just a few minutes. And tasks and assignments can change at a moment’s notice. Remaining flexible and being able to multitask successfully is a hallmark trait of a great executive assistant.  

Take Initiative  

The best executive assistants anticipate the needs of their supervisors and fill those needs before they’re even asked. Taking the initiative to improve a task or project and make the boss’s life easier is what it’s all about. It’s important that executive assistants don’t overstep their bounds, but taking some initiative and anticipating the needs of others separates a run-of-the-mill assistant from an executive one.  

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