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How to Drive More Visitors to Your Website

Why aren’t you getting more traffic to your well-designed, user-friendly and search-optimized website? It could be that you’re neglecting some key elements in your outreach strategy, starting with user value.

Whatever your value proposition, it’s vital that you deliver on what you promise. Visitors to your site must be able to trust the content that they find; even more so, this content should have the kind of value that spurs them to (a) become customers and (b) spread the word about your business to family and friends.

As every Web expert will tell you, content is king. You may have great information up on your site right now, but unless you’re constantly refreshing it – with blog posts, news articles, videos and press releases – you’re missing out on the opportunity to draw more traffic to the site. New content offered through blogging, for example, enables you to use more keywords, thus increasing visibility on search engines. Plus, new blog posts continually enhance your reputation as an expert in your chosen industry.

Inbound links also attract new visitors. Start by inviting your enthusiastic customers to create listings for your business on sites like Angie’s List and Yelp. Reviews posted by your customers offer free “word of mouth” advertising, with links that lead back to your business’s home page.

What kind of social media presence do you currently have? Every time you post new content, give it some hype on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites.


  • Get your site listed on online directories used by your target audience in their search activities.
  • Register with data aggregators such as, which compile basic business information (including your website and product category) into a comprehensive database.
  • Invite bloggers from sites that complement your own to “guest post” on your blog.
  • Comment on other individual or company blogs, which generally include your signature as a link to your site.

The more opportunities you seize to share your knowledge and expertise (why not post reviews of books or products on Amazon or Barnes & Noble that relate to your own brand?), the more visibility your site will have on different search engines.

All of these promotional activities will attract more visitors to your site, ehancing your web presence and leading to higher sales.

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