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How to Effectively Manage Millennials

By the year 2025, millennials — generally, those born in the 1980s and 1990s — will make up roughly 75% of the global workforce. While there are many negative stereotypes surrounding the millennial generation in the working world, managing them doesn’t have to be difficult. As millennials take up the majority of the workforce across all industries, and as they start to move into leadership roles, it’s important to understand how to best manage them.

Provide Growth Opportunities

Millennials want to know that their work makes a difference and that it’s getting them somewhere. You’ll find that millennials don’t take kindly to remaining in dead-end jobs that don’t hold any future prospects! Make sure that you’re providing opportunities at your company for continued learning, advancement, and growth — your millennial employees will appreciate it.

Use Collaboration

You’ll be surprised at millennials’ ability to work collaboratively to achieve results. While the millennial generation was going through school, curriculums tended to place emphasis on teamwork and group projects — as a result, millennials are used to working as part of a team! Use this to your advantage around your business, especially as millennials are getting promoted to lead teams of their own.

Offer Guidance

Millennials don’t want a boss that’s only there to, well… boss them around. They want a mentor who is there to offer helpful guidance. The key is letting your employees figure things out on their own, but offering a helpful guiding hand throughout the process where it’s needed. That’s how true teaching and mentorship happens.

Take Advantage of Tech Skills

Remember: the millennial generation is the first to grow up with the Internet, and technology in general, as part of their daily lives. Millennials are the most tech-savvy people the workforce has ever seen, so it’s important that your company takes advantage of that. As millennials at your company move into leadership positions, make sure that their technological literacy takes center stage.

Create a Work-Life Balance

One trait that is common among many millennials is the desire for a proper work-life balance. Whether that means flexible hours, remote working options, or a bring-your-dog-to-work day, structure your company’s culture in such a way that encourages healthy working habits. When that happens, millennials will give your company their best effort, day in and day out.

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