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How to Foster a Professional Remote Work Culture

The pandemic certainly made remote work more common across many industries. If yours is one of them, your company has probably become well-adapted to remote work by now. Are you choosing to keep your team remote post-COVID? You should be following some tips to keep a professional and healthy work culture even while remote. Let’s take a look:  

Be clear about remote work policies.  

Bear in mind that “remote work” can mean different things to different people. For some, it means doing exactly what they did in the office, just at home. For others, it means having more flexibility and autonomy. Therefore, be sure to outline precisely what your company expects from its remote workforce so that everyone is on the same page.  

Encourage regular communication.  

A remote workforce tends to struggle when communication falls by the wayside. That’s why maintaining open lines of communication throughout your entire team is essential for remote work success. Make it clear what channels of communication will be used and what’s expected of your team members.   

Meet one-on-one.  

The face-to-face interaction in an office setting can’t be replicated perfectly over a video chat, but one-on-one time is still important even if it’s done virtually. Make sure that managers and supervisors still have one-on-one time with their individual employees. This is the best way to make sure that every member of your team stays connected and engaged.  

Recognize great work across teams and the company. 

When someone on the team does great work, be sure to recognize it. You don’t want successes and victories to get lost in the ether now that everyone works remotely. When you recognize success, it helps everyone to remember that they’re a part of the cohesive team unit, even if the team members themselves are remote.  

Encourage virtual social time. 

Those watercooler conversations are getting harder and harder to replicate the longer we stay remote. That’s why virtual social time is an important part of team morale and the remote culture. Make sure to encourage your employees to have social time via video conference; try scheduling a happy hour at the end of the week or hosting a virtual birthday bash for a team member. These events foster camaraderie and positive work culture.  

Whether you love or hate remote work, it’s sticking around. And if your company is staying remote post-COVID, it’s best to continue adapting as best as you can. Try the above techniques to make sure a professional work culture stays in place as time goes on. And if you’d like help with your staffing needs, we’re here for you. Get in touch with High Profile by contacting us online or by calling 972-991-7900.