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How to Incorporate AI Into Your Recruiting Process

Technology has revolutionized just about everything in today’s world. The recruiting industry is no exception. Long gone are the days of manually poring over hundreds of resumes to find the perfect candidate — computer technology, or artificial intelligence (AI), can do it for us. Let’s take a closer look at the ways you can incorporate AI into your recruiting process to make things easier for your entire business.

Resume Screening

One of the greatest advantages of AI technology, as it relates to recruiting, is the ability to screen resumes. Somewhere between 75% and 88% of resumes submitted for any given role don’t cut it. That means that recruiters spend an awful lot of time going over resumes that aren’t going to end up anywhere except the trash bin. Manually screening resumes is one of the most time-consuming aspects of recruiting, but AI technology cuts that time down dramatically. Digital screeners can scan for appropriate keywords to bring the most qualified candidates to the top of the list — that saves recruiters countless hours.

Interview Scheduling

Another difficult part of recruiting is managing your schedule to host interviews, whether it’s an initial phone interview or an in-person chat. If you have 50 qualified candidates ready to interview, that’s a lot of people trying to fit into your schedule. Using the power of AI can make it far easier to schedule each candidate’s interview at a time that works for everyone, without accidentally doubling up or overlapping candidates’ interview times.

Digital Interviews

Of course, another advantage of AI technology is that it might reduce the need for an in-person interview completely. This is especially effective when you’re interviewing candidates spread all over the country, or across the world — it’s not always feasible to have the candidate fly in for an in-person interview. Thanks to technology, we can now perform video interviews from the comfort of our desks, or have a computer program ask the questions and record the candidate’s responses with no in-person interaction at all!

Technology in the recruiting world has changed the game. Incorporating AI into your process makes for a smoother, faster, and simplified recruiting workflow that benefits candidates and recruiters alike. To learn more about incorporating this kind of technology into your hiring process, contact High Profile online or call us at 972-991-7900.