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How to Incorporate Mental Wellness Initiatives in the Office

As an employer, you always strive to keep your employees healthy and happy. When you have a healthy, satisfied workforce, your entire organization performs at a peak level. And it’s important to remember that mental health is just as important as physical health and safety—what kind of mental wellness initiatives are present at your organization?

Here are a few suggestions on incorporating mental health initiatives:

Make your office policies more mental health-friendly.

The first step is to make sure your office isn’t a toxic environment for employees’ mental health. If there are bad apples in the group bringing everyone else down, it’s time to coach them or, if the problem persists, terminate them. You should also take a look at some of the stresses of office work — long hours and tight deadlines, for example. If these things are getting too strict, it can start to have a negative effect, so it might be time to make adjustments.

Push awareness and education.

Make it clear to your employees that mental health and wellness are a priority for your organization. Include language in the employee handbook; distribute an email; post flyers in the break room. However you do it, make it known that mental health is important, and push employees toward education materials if they need it.

Promote Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) if available.

97% of large American corporations offer employee assistance programs (EAPs) as a part of their standard benefits package. EAPs allow employees to seek out mental health professionals if they need support. Unfortunately, many employees who have access to these benefits don’t use them, often because they’re not aware of them. Promote your company’s EAP so your employees can take advantage of it if they need to.

Have your employees complete a Health Risk Assessment (HRA).

When was the last time your workforce completed an HRA? Health Risk Assessments often include questions about mental health. It’s a good way to take the pulse of your staff and find out how they’re feeling. Then, you can take action steps as necessary.

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