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How to Increase Your Influence and Magnify Your Professional Impact This Year

What do you want to change this year? Get a new job? Move up in your current field? Gain a new skill? Whatever you’d like to see change as we move forward in 2022, use these tips to increase your influence and magnify your professional impact:  

Master time management.  

The best people in any field are masters of time management. Managing your time well means prioritizing what matters—remember that all tasks are not created equal. You will be less overwhelmed when you take this approach, and you’ll be more efficient. Focus on setting boundaries and protecting your time. It’s a commodity, after all.  

Practice empathy.  

It’s easy to be sympathetic—it’s just feeling bad for someone. Being empathetic is harder. Empathy means putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, seeing them as a person, and considering their thoughts and feelings ahead of your own. Empathy is a key characteristic of great leaders, so it’s a great skill to try and develop this year.  

Be intentional.  

Where you choose to focus your attention is important. Being intentional with your tasks and career, in general, is the best way to grow. Consciously choose to align your intention with what matters most to you—you’ll be surprised how fast you see that area improving or growing.  

Invest in yourself.  

An investment in yourself is never a wasted one. This year, increase your influence by investing in yourself. This can take various forms: watch educational videos, read books, sign up for a course, or listen to an informative podcast. Seek out new information and perspectives in order to better yourself, and you’ll see that investment pay dividends in the future.  

Take a risk. 

Sometimes, nothing will happen if you don’t take a chance. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to jump into things blindly. But measuring the situation carefully and taking a calculated risk is a good way to put yourself out there and get ahead. In some cases, good things don’t come to those who wait—they come to those who go for them. 

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