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How to Show Your Manager That You’re Ready for More

Convincing your manager that you’re ready for more responsibility, or to take on a leadership role yourself, isn’t always easy. Most of the time, it’s not enough to simply tell your boss that you’re ready for a promotion — you’ll have to show them.

Here are four ways to show your manager that you’re ready for the next level.

Take Initiative

Showing your boss that you’re ready for more responsibility can’t happen without, well, taking on more responsibility. You’ll have to take initiative to do more than you’ve been assigned — going above and beyond is the main way to demonstrate that you’re ready to expand on your current role. The way that you do that will vary depending on your duties and position in the company, but it’s the best way to show your boss that you’re ready.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Many people think that working as hard as they possibly can — putting in extra hours during nights and weekends, doing the jobs of multiple people, etc. — is the way to show their boss that they’re ready for a step up. This isn’t true. You’ll only burn out and may not get anywhere for your efforts. Follow the old adage of “work smarter, not harder.” Finding ways to work strategically, and working on the right things, demonstrates much more about your work ethic and capabilities than working as much as you can.

Delegate When Possible

One of the primary responsibilities of a person in a leadership role is to delegate. When you demonstrate that you can hold others accountable for their work, you’re demonstrating that you’re ready to lead. You’re also showing your boss that you’re not a control freak — you’re fine with others helping to complete a task, and you value the power of teamwork. So, when you can, try delegating in a sensible way.

Offer Solutions, Not Problems

Come to your boss with solutions, not problems. If you simply approach your boss and say “This is a problem, what do I do?” you’re not taking a proactive approach, and there’s no reason your boss would think you’re ready for more responsibility. If you come at it with an angle of “This is a problem, and here’s what I think would fix it,” you’re already demonstrating the leadership skills you need for an advanced role.

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