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How to Use Hard Times to Create Better Plans

If there’s one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic taught businesses, governments, individuals, and the world at large, it’s that we weren’t prepared to deal with something of this magnitude. And that’s easy to see in hindsight, but much more difficult to predict ahead of time. The hard times have a silver lining, though – it’s an excellent opportunity to take stock and create better plans for the future. As things start to return to some kind of “normal,” it’s important to use your experience to make improvements moving forward.  

How to Use Hard Times to Your Advantage

Spot the Shortcomings 

Something like a pandemic can throw into sharp relief the shortcomings that your business operations have. While it can be frustrating, it’s also an opportunity. Be sure to take note of the weaknesses that these difficult times have laid bare, whether it’s communication issues, a limit on the type of services you can provide, market reach, or something else entirely. The next time that your business falls on difficult times – economically, financially, operationally, etc. – you’ll be more aware of the weak spots in your structure. And that means you can take the appropriate preventative steps ahead of time to soften the blow.  

Try to Forecast Future Hardships 

While it’s impossible to predict something like a worldwide pandemic, you can do what you can to forecast future hardships. We don’t recommend going down the rabbit hole and trying to guess every disaster that’s waiting on the horizon – that will only result in anxiety and wasted time. However, talking with your staff and finding out what kind of things they’re worried about operationally can make a huge difference. Just taking some time and thinking about events that could derail your business means that you’re better prepared to face those things, should they become realities.  

Evaluate Your Staffing Needs 

Another way that difficult times can help you to create better plans is in terms of staffing. Different industries and business models have been impacted in different ways because of the pandemic. Whether your business needs to scale up on staff or just the opposite, it’s essential to take stock of your staffing needs as it stands, so you know how to plan for the future.  

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