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Improve Your Career in 2021 By Doing These 5 Things

Are you looking to take your career to the next level in 2021? It’s as good a time as any, especially as the economy looks to bounce back as time goes on. Read on for our top five tips to improve your career this year:

Advance your skillset or education.

When was the last time you learned a new skill relative to your career field? How long has it been since you’ve earned a specialized certification or took a continuing education course? Now is the perfect time to double down on these efforts. Not only does it make you better at your job right now, but it also makes you more attractive for promotions and other jobs you may be interested in.

Continue to network.

You never know when your professional network might come through and provide you with an opportunity. Continuing to grow that network is always a good idea. Connecting with coworkers, peers who work elsewhere, supervisors, recruiters, and others is never a bad idea. Use LinkedIn to your advantage, especially if you can’t go to in-person networking events thanks to the pandemic.

Brush up your resume and cover letter.

When was the last time you took a look at your resume and cover letter? It’s always worth updating these documents and making them as current and relevant as possible. Be sure to add any new skills you have, the achievements you’ve earned, or special projects that could highlight your efforts.

Find a mentor.

Have you ever considered finding a mentor? Whether they’re in your field or not, a great mentor can be a huge boost to your professional life. Modeling yourself after someone who you admire or who has found success themselves is an effective method for improving your career — it’s as simple as that.

Consider new positions.

Of course, sometimes the best thing for your career is to take the next step and find a new position that you can thrive in. Ramp up your application efforts this year if you’re looking to take that next step. Be sure to tailor your application, resume, and cover letter to each individual job you apply for to really make a great impression.

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