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Is Your Dallas Company Accommodating to Neurodivergent Employees?

A neurodivergent individual’s brain works differently than other individuals’ brains. These differences may include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorder, or dyslexia.

Hiring neurodivergent employees can benefit employers. For instance, these employees typically are open-minded, adaptable, creative, flexible, innovative, and excellent at solving problems. They also tend to remain focused and productive and understand how people think and learn.

Neurodivergent individuals often have heightened sensitivity to sound, visual acuity, spatial awareness, and processing speed. These skills equip the individuals for data entry, software engineering, or other jobs that require an intense focus on detail.

Discover how your Dallas company can be accommodating to neurodivergent employees.

Restructure Interviews

Neurodivergent candidates often have difficulty answering interview questions in the traditional manner. Many also struggle with personality tests.

As a result, you should consider providing skills tests to gain insight into these candidates’ capabilities. Then, you could talk with them about their results to help determine whether they would fit with your team.

Customize Accommodations

Talk with each of your neurodivergent employees about which accommodations would best fit their needs. Include what their strengths and challenges are and how you can support them.

Neurodiverse employees might benefit from any of the following:

  • A flexible schedule
  • A quiet work environment
  • Consistent breaks
  • Video calls rather than phone calls or in-person meetings
  • A checklist of tasks
  • Collaboration with small teams
  • Education for colleagues and coworkers on how to best communicate and work with neurodivergent employees

Use Relevant Tools for Accommodations

The Neurodiversity at Work website provides education on working with neurodivergent employees. Suggestions for success include:

  • Providing an interviewer who is experienced with neurodivergence
  • Offering job coaching or mentorship
  • Sharing a visual schedule for days and weeks
  • Providing a sensory kit with noise-canceling headphones and calming gadgets
  • Offering a quiet room for breaks
  • Providing private space for meetings
  • Providing closed captioning and recordings of meetings
  • Sharing written, concise directions
  • Allowing for extra time to finish tasks
  • Providing uninterrupted work time

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