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Keep Up Your Productivity at Work with These Time Management Tips

Everyone wishes there were more hours in the day. But like it or not, the working hours you have are all that you get. So, it’s up to you to maximize your personal time management to be as productive as possible during your time at work. Here are five tips for doing just that:  

Get Organized 

The number one enemy of good time management is disorganization. This includes physical disorganization — a cluttered workspace, files and folders all over the place, etc. — and more intangible clutter like an unorganized schedule or calendar and unclear meeting times. Once you organize your physical workspace and your calendar, things will start to fall into place and you’ll be much more productive.  


Remember that some tasks just aren’t as important as others. Some are important and urgent, so they should be top priority. Other tasks are important but aren’t necessarily urgent, so those can go on the back burner for now. Thinking of your tasks this way — and writing it out if necessary — can be a huge help for time management and productivity levels.  

Eliminate Distractions 

Another enemy of good time management is distractions. And there can be plenty of them at work, from social media and web browsing to instant messages and pesky coworkers. Try to identify the top distractions at your job so you know what to watch out for, and then take steps to minimize those distractions whenever you can. If necessary, delete social media apps from your phone, or turn off message notifications.  

Make a Schedule 

Try outlining a schedule for your workday that makes it clear what tasks you should complete first, and when. Assign time limits to the tasks, and stop working on them once those time limits are up. Creating boundaries and timelines in this fashion can make a huge difference when it comes to using your time effectively. All you have to do is stick with your schedule!  

Learn How to Say “No”  

Keep in mind that you’ll never achieve great time management if you keep taking on tasks that you have no hope of completing in a timely fashion. Stand up for yourself — if coworkers or supervisors are loading work on to you that you can’t possibly get done in time, make it clear that you’re already at maximum capacity and you won’t be able to get to their task until you’ve completed others. And it’s okay to ask for help if you need it.  

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