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The High Cost of Hiring Mediocre Talent

They may not be the worst workers in your organization, but mediocre employees could still be a poor use of your money and time. Maybe they get the job done on time, but it is rarely done correctly, or maybe they are always just a few steps behind the curve. Either way, hiring and keeping mediocre employees is a poor investment for any company, big or small.

Maybe your hiring team didn’t realize they were hiring a candidate who wasn’t up to par. Sometimes job seekers seem one way on paper, but turn out completely different in the office. The only thing that could be more expensive than hiring a mediocre employee is keeping one around. So, what, exactly, are the business costs of hiring mediocre employees?

Increased training costs

Mediocre employees require additional training, and often not just for the job you’ve hired them for. Many of these types of workers require in-depth instruction on soft skills that you would expect them to come in with, such as time management, collaboration, and communication. And, for some of these employees, once isn’t enough; you may need to pay for them to take multiple seminars and workshops that keep them up to speed.

Reduced client satisfaction

Your customers are your best advocates. No matter what service or product you provide, one happy customer is the best marketing tool you need. If you hire second-rate employees, your client base will quickly start to feel like they are part of a second-rate company. If you want your reputation to be the best, you’ll need workers, both contract and permanent, who reflect that ideal.

Negative impact on productivity

Mediocre employees bring others down to their level. Your better workers will frequently have to stop to help the mediocre crew members stay on task. This will squash the morale of your whole workforce, and prevent your other employees from doing their best work. Even one mediocre employee can bring down a whole department. When productivity shrinks, profits shrink.

You lose your competitive edge

A mediocre employee is one who not only performs below your expectations, but also below those of your competitors. If you want to be seen as the best, both by competitors and by customers, then your brand image has to shout “We are unmatched, unparalleled and unbeatable!” In order to come out (and stay) on top, you need to hire workers who are leaders, hard workers and self-motivated. These are the types of associates you need to keep the competition trailing behind.

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