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How Do You Define Success?

You want to achieve success, but do you know what that means? People define success very differently. Your idea of career success may be a job that has meaning and provides a strong work-life balance. Someone else’s idea of career success may involve a high-pressure job with a big paycheck and lots of accolades.

It’s important to know what will make you the happiest, as this will shape the decisions you make when setting your career path. To help you define success:

  • Think about positions you have had in the past. When were you the happiest? What did you enjoy about the work you did? By identifying the type of work, and work environments, that brought you the most joy, you can look for opportunities that will provide you with similar happiness in the future.
  • Think about things that interest you. Did you have a subject you enjoyed studying in school or a hobby you were good at? Consider job opportunities that could allow you to work on something related to your interests.
  • Consider where you want to be in five years. Do you see yourself as an executive with a corner office, or working in a nonprofit? By visualizing your long-range plan, you can start taking steps in that direction with each career decision that you make.
  • Think about people whose careers you admire. Is there someone in your life or your community who seems to have a job that would be perfect for you? Try to model your career trajectory after what that person did. While you need to chart your own course, identifying a person with a professional life you admire can help guide you in choosing jobs and learning new skills. They may even be willing to be a mentor to you, or at least to talk with you about the realities of their position and their career trajectory.

However you define career success, High Profile can help you achieve your professional goals. We have helped many clients to build their dream careers in Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding areas. To find out more about how we can help you, give us a call at 972-991-7900 or contact us online today.