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Tips on How to Manage an Employee in Personal Crisis

When managing employees, you count on workers to come to their jobs ready to get things done. Unfortunately, sometimes a situation at home can leave your workers distracted and the problems can affect their work abilities. When an employee crisis arises, be smart about how to manage it so you can allow the worker to recover without your company suffering too much from lost productivity.

Some tips to help you with managing workers during an employee crisis include:

  • Maintaining your professional relationship. While you can be empathetic to your employee’s crisis, you need to remember you are not your employee’s friend. Your role is a professional one, and you have to maintain this boundary rather than becoming a sounding board. Otherwise, if the employee’s work begins to suffer and become unacceptable, it will be hard for you to take appropriate steps to correct the issue.
  • Establishing a timeline. If your employee needs time to work through a crisis, provide the opportunity if you can. You may benefit from giving the worker a few days off to deal with what is going on at home so your employee can come back ready to work.
  • Have a backup. If an employee crisis means one of your staff members could be forced to leave work suddenly, or to leave for longer periods of time, make sure someone is in place to step in and pick up the slack. Partner the employee who is having trouble with someone who knows what their tasks are and who is ready to step in as needed.

In some cases, an employee crisis could mean your employee will soon be moving on, or your worker needs to leave his job right away. High Profile can help you to find new qualified candidates in Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding locations. Give us a call at 972-991-7900 or contact us online to find out more about how our staffing service can help you.