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Ongoing Training: Provide the Resources Your Team Needs to Stay Relevant

Have you ever found yourself staring at a stack of reports, wondering why your employees aren’t producing like they used to? You’re not alone; many shift leaders, managers and business owners find themselves asking the exact same questions once in a while. You bring in promising skilled workers, but in a few years or even months the position is stagnant and productivity lags behind. The issue could be with your employees’ level of commitment, but there could also be obstacles in leadership. Are you giving your employees, both permanent and contract workers, the training and support they need to keep your business at the top?

Developing an efficient, effective and strategic training process will ensure your employees remain relevant in their careers and fully prepared for the future. They’ll understand the expectations you have for their job performance, as well as how to keep the workplace safe, efficient and productive.

Three Ongoing Training Tips to Keep Employees Relevant

Make time for professional development

Is your administrative assistant really slow with Excel? Is your accounting team lacking in effective communication skills? Carve out time in your employees’ regular schedule for professional development. Allow them and encourage them to take seminars, workshops and online classes that can help them build the skills they need to be more effective at their jobs.

Explore New Equipment

Take the time here to make sure all employees have access to training on the latest equipment. If your machinists are unfamiliar with a computer, they may have trouble when a new computer-based machine comes in. Give them ample training time to explore any equipment they will be using, so they can maximize their productivity. Turn this into a peer training, and you’ve given your tech-savvy employees more meaningful work, which has been shown to increase job satisfaction.

Don’t lose your competitive edge

An inadequately trained employee is one who not only performs below your expectations, but also your competitors’. If you want to be seen as the best, both by competitors and by customers, then your employees have to be able to work with the latest techniques and trends. Providing ongoing training helps you develop the types of associates you need to keep the competition trailing behind.

Many studies show that ongoing training not only boosts productivity but employee retention, as well. As a species, human beings need to be challenged. In order to stay interested, motivated and productive, your employees need to feel like they can grow in their jobs. Some take a path of leadership, while others stay where they are, learning to excel at and love the job they have. Partnering with a staffing firm like High Profile Staffing can save you time and money by finding you the best candidate and maximizing their skills with a successful training strategy. Contact one of our recruiters today to gain access to a vast network of qualified, skilled and trained employees.