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Rebranding Yourself as an Experienced Candidate

Whether you are changing the focus of your career or simply looking for a new employer, finding a job above entry level can be somewhat of a challenge. It is imperative that you build your personal brand so employers know they are getting a qualified, experienced candidate who is ready to hit the ground running.  So, how do you establish a personal brand demonstrating your professionalism and talent? Here are a few pointers for showing potential employers all that you have to offer:

  • Expand your skills and experience in the field. This is especially important if you are looking to transition to a new career, since you want to make sure employers see you as an experienced candidate rather than an entry-level candidate. A staffing company can help you find contract/contract-to-hire work where employers may be more willing to take a chance on giving you a job so you can build up your resume. You might also consider doing volunteer work so you can learn new skills.
  • Highlight your professional background and skills on your resume. Your resume should be easy to read and hiring managers should be able to take a quick glance at it and see your experience spelled out clearly – don’t make them hunt for it.  You may want to consider a skills-based resume, rather than a chronological resume, to highlight everything you have done in the past and to clearly demonstrate you have the needed experience to get the job done right.
  • Build an online portfolio. Do you have a website or blog where you can show off your expertise? Do you have a LinkedIn account? You should have all of this and more. When you build up a strong online portfolio that demonstrates your experience in your desired field, you will have something tangible to show employers who want to learn more about your brand.

A staffing agency can help you get your foot in the door so you can make a favorable impression and begin your rebranding process. High Profile Staffing has helped many candidates to build stronger resumes with contract/contract-to-hire work and has provided invaluable assistance to job seekers in finding the jobs of their dreams. To learn more about how we can help you become the experienced candidate, call us now at 972-991-7900.