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Do You Need Temporary or Full-Time Employees to Fill Your Needs?

No matter what industry you work in, you will have an annual busy season. Then there are those times when a busy season sneaks up on you, and you panic and hire extra employees to pick up the workload. Some employers just cut to the chase and hire full-time employees, while others don’t want the commitment and hire temporary employees instead. At High Profile, we understand the importance of finding the right employee, so we’ve designed this post to help you decide if temporary or full-time employees will fill your needs.

Let’s start with the pros of hiring temporary employees. Temporary employees:

  • Help save your company money during the recruiting and hiring process
  • Are able to pick up the extra workload in a pinch
  • Eliminate the cost of hiring the wrong person
  • Can do specialized projects when needed

Now that you know the benefits, here are some situations when a temporary employee would be a good fit:

  • During a busy season when you need additional employees
  • When an employee is out for an extended period of time and you need someone to fill in
  • When an employee quits on short notice

Of course, there are disadvantages of temporary employees too. For example, you might not be able to take the time to properly train the temp. If you still aren’t sure if a temporary employee is right for your company, here are the benefits of a full-time employee:

  • More likely to develop company loyalty and really become part of the team
  • The higher level of loyalty can lead to a harder worker
  • Most full-time employees only work one job, allowing them to dedicate their time to your company

Just like temporary employees, there are disadvantages to hiring full-time if it’s not what you need. For example:

  • Full-time employees are more costly (so if cost is a major concern for your company, make sure you think about the costs associated with full-time employees)
  • In order to get the best employees, companies need to be competitive with health insurance and paid vacation
  • Not having enough work for the employee during non-busy seasons

Each company is different and has its own unique needs. To discuss if temporary or full-time employees are right for your organization, call us today.