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Strategies to Help Employees Find Their Personal Work-Life Balance

Employees with a better work-life balance are far less likely to quit a job than when it is all work and no play. Employees with a good balance between their career and personal lives are also less likely to burn out or be stressed about their home life at work … which means they will be more productive over the long term.

Unfortunately, sometimes employees don’t always know how to achieve the best work-life balance. Your company can help. By following these tips, you can assist your staff in achieving the perfect balance so they can succeed both personally and professionally.

  • Make sure management sets an example. If managers or executives are burning the midnight oil, employees often will model their behavior after the company leaders. It is important for top people on staff to go home at a reasonable hour and model the work-life balance they hope their employees achieve.
  • Recognize signs of overwork. Managers and employees should be trained on how to recognize signs of overwork. Absenteeism, apathy towards the job, an increase in errors and a feeling of fatigue can all be red flags that the work-life balance is off. If employees or managers recognize these signs, it may be time for a day off, a vacation or for more delegation to other staff members.
  • Make flexible scheduling possible. If you can accommodate workers and let them take care of their family needs as long as they get their work done, this will be a tremendous help in making sure your staff is successful at achieving an ideal work-life balance.

It pays to have a staff that is the right size for your company so your employees aren’t overworked and can achieve the perfect work-life balance. A professional staffing service can help you to fill open positions and keep your company fully staffed with qualified professionals. If you need help finding great employees in the Dallas area, High Profile can help. Give our staffing service a call today at 972-991-7900 or contact us online to learn more about the assistance we offer.