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Liberate Your Hiring Process

When hiring for a new employee, do you ever wish you could take certain characteristics from one and combine them with another, and so on? For example, have you ever wanted to combine Mary’s attention to detail with Nick’s organizational skills and Lynn’s personality?  Chances are the answer is yes!  It’s nice to imagine the perfect job candidate, someone who will eliminate the risk of hiring pitfalls, but it’s just not possible.

We all strive for perfectionism, but hanging onto one idea can result in the inability to make a decision on the final candidate. Now, we aren’t saying you should rush the process when hiring.  It definitely takes time.  Just don’t linger on the impossible.

If you aren’t exactly sure of the best way to liberate your hiring process, you’re in luck. Our associates at High Profile have prepared some tips on utilizing a more effective hiring process.

Instead of always searching for candidates with only positives and no negatives, prioritize the most important attributes. Create a list of the top five ‘must have’ qualities that the candidate should possess. Next, create another list of five qualities that you would prefer the candidate to have, but can live without. During the interview, make sure to rate the candidates on each of these characteristics.

Don’t do the hiring alone. Have a team of people as part of the interview process. The team should consist of those working closely with the new employees and individuals who have the ability to assess their skill level. Be open to opinions from everyone who participates in the interview, as they are there to help.

If this isn’t the first time you’re hiring for the position, review previous employees who worked in that role. It will give insight on previous hiring mishaps and should help you avoid them in the future.

Also, be on the lookout for job applicants’ ‘perfectionist’ ways. Some telltale qualities include: always taking the conservative track, unwillingness to talk about prior mistakes, and excessive self-promotion. Of course every applicant will talk themselves up and make it seem like they are the perfect candidate but, if they seem too slick, be aware. Ideal characteristics include confidence, willingness to work on a team, and a sense of humor about prior mishaps.

Hiring a new employee is always a huge investment. There tends to be pressure about picking the perfect person, but don’t let unrealistic ideals get in the way. Take your time to reflect and consider potential candidates before making the big decision. For more ways to liberate your hiring process, contact us today!