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Looking for the Best Administrative Assistant? Think Like One!

The position of Administrative Assistant is critically important to an organization. This person serves either as a key player in office operations or as an executive’s right-hand man (or woman), ensuring that things run smoothly so that the person in charge can focus on the bigger picture. 

In developing the job description for an Administrative Assistant, think carefully about the full spectrum of the job requirements. What goes in the job summary is crucially important. A couple of good examples are:

“Provides office services by implementing administrative systems, procedures and policies and monitoring administrative projects.”

“Enhances executive’s effectiveness by providing information management support; represents the executive in the organization and to the public.”

For a standard Administrative Assistant position, job duties should include such functions as maintaining workflow; creating and revising systems and procedures;  coordinating preparation of reports, analyzing data and identifying solutions; scheduling and assigning administrative projects; maintaining professional and technical  knowledge.

An Executive Assistant’s job duties might include all of the above, as well as those job duties tailored specifically for the person they work for. The primary job duty is to conserve the executive’s time—drafting letters and documents; collecting and analyzing information; maintaining the executive’s appointment schedule; and representing the executive at meetings and/or conference calls.

Qualifications for both administrative positions should include reporting skills, administrative writing skills, time management, supply management and relevant
computer skills.

Put Yourself in the Job-Seeker’s Shoes

To attract the ideal candidate, you need to think like this candidate. Your job posting must be compelling but concise, offering an overview of the position and a well-organized list of key roles and responsibilities.

Ask and answer questions the job-seeker is likely to be curious about: What’s exciting and interesting about working in my organization? How does this position contribute to the company’s overall success? Will I be part of a high-performing team? What opportunities and challenges come with the job?

Above all, the job description should make it easy for the candidate to make the decision to apply. Research shows that the most critical elements include duties and responsibilities, work environment, benefits and salary. Job-seekers want to know as much as possible about a position before diving in. Give them as much information as you can.

Remember, too, that the job posting is a marketing document. This is where you can tell the candidate who you are and what you stand for in your own words—that all-important first impression.

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