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Losing Candidates? Your Process Might be Too Long!

Are you losing job candidates more than usual, but can’t figure out why? It might be because of the length of your hiring process. A process that takes too long, rather than being streamlined and simple, is a turn-off for candidates. Plus, it affects your business in more ways than one. Ultimately, it hurts your bottom line.

Candidates Won’t Wait Forever

It’s important to remember that the top-tier talent, those that your business really wants to attract and win over, won’t wait around forever. They have no reason to — if they’re the cream of the crop, they more or less have their choice of what jobs they interview with and which ones they select. If they don’t hear back from your company for weeks, they won’t be waiting around. They’ll be moving on to the next opportunity.

It Can Harm Your Reputation

If your hiring process remains slow for a lengthy period, the word might start to get out. Job candidates might start to steer clear of your company, having heard from other job seekers that your hiring process takes weeks and weeks. Now that online reviewing platforms like Glassdoor can take a candidate’s feedback and make it public in an instant, your reputation is of the utmost importance. All it takes is one poor review to tarnish your reputation!

It Can Put a Strain on Your Existing Team

There is another kind of cost to a recruiting and hiring process that is too long: it puts a strain on your existing team. Remember, there is a position that’s waiting to be filled. When that position stays unoccupied for weeks or months on end, the existing team members have to absorb those duties or account for them in some way or another. Obviously, that’s not always able to be done efficiently, or the position wouldn’t need to be filled in the first place. Let it go long enough, and the unfilled position can start to affect morale, team efficiency, and overall revenue.

When you streamline your hiring process, it only takes a few weeks at most to sort out the most qualified candidates, and then pick the job seeker who best aligns with your company’s needs and values. That way, you don’t have to worry about a thing! If your business needs help shortening and strengthening the hiring process, contact High Profile online or by calling 972-991-7900 to get started. Our staffing service is here to help!