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How Are You Managing as the Great Resignation is in Full Swing?

We’re all aware that the COVID-19 pandemic had a big impact on the job market, largely a negative one. With businesses shuttering and lockdowns keeping people away from work, not to mention the rise in remote work, what some have dubbed “The Great Resignation” definitely took effect. And it may still be happening for your business.  

If you’re having trouble retaining employees or finding them in the first place, here are some tips to get back on track:  

Get flexible.  

Remote work isn’t going away any time soon. Actually, it’s here to stay—permanently. If your company isn’t yet on board with remote work and flexible scheduling, it’s time to change that. Your existing employees might be dropping out because you’re not keeping up with the times, and you’re not doing yourself any favors in terms of attracting new talent, either.  

Ask what your employees need. 

Take the temperature of your existing workforce to find out what your employees need. Whether it’s flexible start and end times, better COVID regulations on the floor, or more growth opportunities, take steps to give your team what they want and need. If your workforce is dropping like flies, you need to take a look at what you’re not providing that they’re finding somewhere else.  

Show your team you care.  

Recognize great work publicly. Offer mental health initiatives for employees who might need it. Help employees who need child-care options find them. Taking these extra steps to show you truly care about your employees’ well-being makes all the difference. And it’s a powerful recruiting tool, too. 

Empower your team members.  

Give your team members the tools they need to do their best work, including when they’re remote. Provide opportunities for growth and advancement, including ongoing education opportunities. When employees feel empowered to advance in their careers with your company, they have no reason to find work elsewhere.  

Consider a staffing agency. 

Sometimes, the problem isn’t centered around retaining your existing staff members. It’s finding new ones that fit the bill. If you’re struggling to find and hire the talent you need, consider working with a staffing agency like High Profile. We can help staff your organization with the people you need, when you need them most.  

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