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What is Contract-to-Hire and Why Do Employers Want It?

During your job search, have you come across contract employment opportunities but passed over them because they weren’t permanent? If so, take a step back and consider applying for contract-to-hire jobs. With the tight economy, more employers are utilizing contract-to-hire positions as a way to fill their staffing needs without making a huge commitment. Our team at High Profile created this post to answer your questions on contract-to-hire positions and why employers want them.

First things first, what is contract-to-hire? Contract-to-hire is a situation where an employer has the chance to essentially “test” out a new employee without making a permanent arrangement. The position is temporary at first, but if things go well, the contract employee could become a permanent one.

So, why do employers want this? It’s a low risk situation for them. Employee turnover isn’t cheap, so employers have a chance to see what an employee’s work style is like before taking the plunge. Employers have the opportunity to see an employee in action before making a decision.

Another reason employers like contract-to-hire situations is because they can normally get a new employee quicker than they would through a traditional process. Employers might not hold as many rounds of interviews as they would with a permanent candidate because, if things don’t work out, the contract employee isn’t there for the long haul.

Employers also are attracted to contract-to-hire employees because they tend to get more motivated candidates than they would for a permanent position. Often, contract employees are working hard to show they would be excellent candidates for becoming permanent employees.

Also, sometimes employers don’t have budget approvals for new employees, so hiring a contract worker is a great way to have someone working in the meantime while a new budget is approved.

Even if contract work doesn’t sound appealing at first, it’s worth taking the risk and applying to contract-to-hire positions. You never know what connections you’ll make, and you may even end up staying with the company. Contact one of our expert recruiters today, and we’ll help you get started finding contract positions.