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Hiring for Cultural Fit

When hiring new candidates, is your company considering how the candidate will fit into the company culture? Company culture fit is just as important as the career qualifications the candidate has. You could find the perfect employee on paper, but if he doesn’t fit with your organization’s culture, chances are he won’t succeed. Our team at High Profile has designed this post to help you when it comes to hiring for a cultural fit.

Employees are beginning to drive the need for hiring for a cultural fit. More employees care about having a meaningful job rather than having more pay. Also, an increasing amount of employees want to work for a company that offers flexibility over one that’s too rigid and hierarchical. When hiring new candidates, make sure you know who exactly you are looking for.

To really get a feel for what the candidate is looking for, try asking these questions:

  • What are your favorite parts of your current job? Why?
  • Describe the management style that you most prefer working under.
  • When working with a group, what’s your preferred role?
  • Describe the work environment that you prefer and that makes you most productive.
  • Do you prefer working with a team or would you rather complete your tasks individually?

Listen to the responses of the candidates to determine if they are in line with your organization’s values. Also watch for body language, as it’s the best indicator of how a person truly feels.  Additionally, see if the candidate will ask you questions regarding the company culture. If a candidate cares about whether or not they will seamlessly transition into the new work environment, he will be just as curious about the corporate culture.

When you hire for a cultural fit, everyone in the organization benefits. Employees who enjoy the culture where they work are generally happier and will stay with the job longer. They will also be more productive and will want to contribute to the success of the organization. If you’re looking for employees who will fit your organization’s values, our expert recruiters are here to help.