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How Will You Impact Culture and Success?

Whether you’re looking for a job, or already have one, do you know how you’ll directly impact your company? Companies want employees who can do so much more than what the job description lists. They are looking for people who are able to fit in with the company culture. So, how will you impact culture and success?

To best understand how you will impact a company’s culture, you need to know what their culture actually is. If you don’t already work for the company, do some research about the organization. Search past the company website and dive deep into social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. These sites will give you a better idea of the overall tone of the company. Also take a look at the company blog and talk to employees if possible.

When you’re interviewing with a company, identify questions related to company culture and have answers prepared.  Here are some examples of top questions you should be ready for:

  • What do you like most about your current job?
  • Describe your ideal job.
  • In what type of work environment do you find yourself most productive and happy?
  • Do you prefer to work on projects alone or with others?
  • When working with a group, what role do you usually find yourself taking?

Take the time to think about your answers to these questions before the interview. It shows the interviewer that you are interested in company culture and it’s an important part of your job search.

Aside from having answers prepared, you should be prepared to ask the interviewer questions. There are plenty of corporate culture-related questions you could ask.  Here are some to get you started:

  • If you could briefly describe the corporate culture, what would you say?
  • Do the employees have any complaints about company culture? What are they?
  • What’s the best part about working for this company?
  • How often do you and your co-workers gather outside of the office?

These questions should give you a good idea of what it’s really like to work for this organization. Are you ready to impact culture and success? Contact one of our experienced recruiters today to get started.