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Make Your Resume Stand Out

Your resume introduces you to a potential employer and shows why you are right for the position you are applying for. In many cases, it’s the only chance you have to grab the attention of the employer, especially considering the fact that most hiring managers typically scan your resume in a matter of seconds to decide if you’re the right fit for an interview.

You need your resume to stand out from the crowd if you want to have a chance of landing an interview.  Some of the key ways of ensuring your resume is considered include:

  • Tailoring your resume to the job posting. Make it easy for the hiring manager to see you have the experience and skills they’re seeking. This means your resume should be customized to highlight the relevant skills and experience, so it’s obvious at a glance. Have the job posting in front of you when you prepare your resume, and make sure each job description and line on the resume is related to something the company is looking for.
  • Using relevant keywords that a manager can quickly spot. Not only should your resume be customized to the job, but you may also want to consider using targeted keywords from the job posting.  For example, if the job posting specified strong communication skills as a requirement, use the word “communication” on your resume in the description of each previous role.
  • Making sure all the information is on point. No hiring manager wants to weed through a lengthy resume detailing unrelated work experience. Make sure the things you list on your resume are directly relevant to the position you are applying for.
  • Ensuring your resume is error-free. Mistakes on a resume can often lead to instant disqualification, as hiring managers expect you to put your best foot forward.

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