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New Year’s Resolutions for Job Seekers

We are approaching four weeks into the New Year, and chances are you’ve already made your personal resolutions. You may have pledged to lose weight, exercise more, take your partner on more romantic dates, or read those books that have been gathering dust on your nightstand. But have you made your professional resolutions? Whether you are currently unemployed or simply looking for a new position, now is the time to set specific goals that will impact your future career prospects.

Here are some of the job seeker resolutions you may wish to consider:

  1. Set Realistic Goals – While aiming for the stars is always admirable, it may be entirely unrealistic. The New Year is a great time to take a close look at the goals you have set for yourself. If you are consistently applying for jobs for which you don’t possess the requisite qualifications, that may give you some insight into why you keep being passed over. On the contrary, you shouldn’t be aiming low either. Most employers will shy away from hiring people who are over-qualified for the job in question, as they suspect they won’t stay long.
  2. Revise Your Materials – How long have you been using the same resume or cover letter? Even if you’ve made basic edits to ensure your materials are up-to-date, the New Year is a good time to scrap the old and start anew. Begin by taking a close look at your current materials. If you have a friend or colleague who regularly reviews resumes, ask them to cast their critical eye on yours. If you are working with a recruiter or search firm, ask them to help you with your revision.
  3. Bolster Your Skills – In today’s environment, things are changing – fast! You should be constantly looking to improve your skills or add new abilities to your skill set. In many instances, your employer will foot the bill for continuing education. It’s also a good way to sell yourself as a dedicated professional by making management aware of your ongoing dedication to learning. So be sure to check with your boss or HR department before enrolling in any training and development.
  4. Become an Expert – Whether you are looking to advance or land a new job, it’s a good move to have an arsenal of expertise behind you. If you haven’t had the fortune of having a book published, seek to pen articles in respected trade journals or establish a blog where you can share your thought leadership. Promote your writings via your LinkedIn or Twitter account.
  5. Build on Relationships Whether you rely on social media or good old fashioned in-person networking events, professional relationships often hold the key to career success. This New Year, endeavor to stay in touch with previous bosses, co-workers, and classmates. Exchange contacts with new people you meet, especially if they work in an industry or company that interests you. Develop those relationships and don’t be afraid to call on someone who may be able to connect you with the job of your dreams. 

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